QuietSpace Pre-Assembled Enclosures

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We offer submittal packages for builders as well as professional installation.

Product Features

  • Custom Layouts and Features w/ Standard Components
  • Unlimited Size and Configuration
  • Expandable & Portable

Factory Offices, Control Rooms, Guard Houses, Equipment Rooms, Instrumentation Enclosures

  • Floor: Steel or aluminum diamond plate, vinyl tile, or a raised access floor
  • Wall or Roof: Includes your choice of 16 or 12 gauge solid skin, carbon steel, galvanized steel, or stainless steel or special bullet-resistant construction
  • Insulated Panel Construction: 4” thick with removable wall sections available
  • Doors: Single-leaf, double-leaf or pocket sliding... with or without windows
  • Ceiling: 22 gauge perforated metal or lay-in grid system
  • Windows: Double-glazed safety glass, wire glass, polycarbonate, or bullet-resistant glass may be straight or sloped
  • Electrical Options: Electrical and lighting systems designed to meet your requirements
  • HVAC System: Water-cooled or air-cooled wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted air conditioners and floor-, wall-, or ceiling-mounted heaters
  • Plumbing: Available as required
  • Surface Finish: Finish painted in the color of your choice
  • Thermal Value: R-14 or higher
  • Weatherproofing: Available as required
  • Acoustic Performance: STC 40-56, higher if necessary

2022 was an Amazing Year for Noise Barriers!

We are so incredibly grateful for the continued support from our talented reps, consultants, architects, and contractors that put their trust in us to help grow their business. We truly can’t thank you enough and are looking forward to continuing these partnerships in 2023.

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