QuietTest™ Engine Dyno Test Cells

A engine dyno test cell can be a huge benefit or hindrance to your testing. A properly designed test cell will be designed around the engine and it components. Air flow changes with power or steady state testing, while diesel or specialty cells create additional demands. The Soundmaster cells can be designed to meet your specific testing needs.

• Facilitates more accurate testing
• Produces a uniform test environment that duplicates like conditions
• Creates a safer environment for test technicians
• Indoor or Outdoor models
• Easier to build than conventional construction
• Predictable and guaranteed noise reduction
• Designed to meet the requirements of your facility


  • Exterior Typical Size is: 12’-0” x 16’-0” x 8’-4” high.
  • Interior Typical Size is: 11’-4” x 15’-4” x 8’-0” high.
  • Wall panel construction is NBL QuietMod H/H 50, STC 50 panels. The interior and exterior skins are solid.
  • Ceiling panel construction is NBL QuietMod H/P 42, STC 42 panels. The interior skin is perforated. The exterior skin is solid.
  • Quantity one (1) 48” x 84” high STC 50, single-leaf cam-lift hinge access door between the shop and the Dynamometer Test Cell.
  • Quantity one (1) 52” x 42” high double glazed window using ¼” lsg. glazing. Sizes can vary.
  • Roof load capability is 34psf. Roof is not designed for storage but can support men walking on it.
  • Spangled galvanized construction.
  • Intake silencers & carburetor silencer are mounted in test cell roof.
  • Exhaust plenum mounted off the back wall includes Tubeaxial Fan with motor and exhaust silencers.
  • Complete installation drawings, instructions and “Step-by-Step” sketches.


  • Any size or height to fit your needs.
  • Cleanable Sound Absorption Panels for Walls.
  • We can provide a 48” wide door, or a 60” or a 72” wide double leaf door.
  • Additional window sizes and bullet resistant glazing are available.
  • Ceiling panels can include Panel Fill Protection, “poly-line with spacer” to prevent oil mist accumulation in the acoustic fill.
  • Prime or powder coated finish painting.
  • Roof can be designed for storage.
  • We can provide an acoustic chase so the plenum can be located outside of the host building.
  • Electrical System quoted upon request.
  • Installation service quoted upon request.


Engine Cells

The Soundmaster Dyno Test Cell is a pre-engineered modular system specifically designed for building a sound controlled, high performance motorcycle, engine or vehicle test cell specifically designed to work with Dynamometers and provide in excess of 40 dBA sound reduction, with guaranteed performance.

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