Noise Barriers Vidoes

QuietSwing® Alexis™ Door

Patent-Pending Design.

Flawless Visual Profile with Concealed Hinge Design

Alexis is the latest innovation to come from Noise Barriers. This patent-pending, high performing door design provides exceptional acoustics with unmatched aesthetics. The Alexis door eliminates visibility to exposed hinges allowing for the architectural integrity of the space to go uncompromised.

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QuietLine™ V-Stack Noise Barrier Walls

QuietLine™ V-Stack Noise Barrier Walls, the easier, safer way to build Noise Barrier walls. Noise Barriers manufactures and packages our noise barrier wall systems with the installation task in mind.

We make it very simple to hook our panels while still in the crate, making it less manpower intensive and safer for the installing crew as compared to other systems. We have experience providing our product for roof tops, mezzanines and ground mount situations of all types and sizes. The Noise Barriers Modular Barrier Wall panel system makes the installation process a breeze.

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