QuietLift® Vertical Lift Doors

When acoustic performance is a requirement, QuietLift doors are the answer.

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QuietLift Telescope & Sectioned Doors are designed to provide exceptional security, reliability and efficiency for interior or exterior applications. The doors are well suited for a variety of applications including Industrial, Mining, Government, Mass Transit, Institutional, Parking Structures, Aerospace etc.


Ultra Reliable Operation:

Simple design eliminates the need for counterbalance systems, hinges and pivot points. No tension on components when door is in closed position.

Strong, Secure Construction:

Inverted steel panels and locking bottom beam provide unmatched security and performance.

Space Saving Profile:

The compact unit requires little head space and side
clearance. The enclosed in-header drive system mounts neatly above the curtain and has minimal projection.

Extreme Environment Dependability:

Perfect for extreme weather and wind pressure.Applications to 50 lbft2. Approved for use in Florida hurricane zones.

Easy to Repair:

Damaged panels can be individually removed and
repaired or replaced with minimal downtime.

Sound Reduction:

STC rating of 29 and 51.


All operating mechanisms are neatly housed within the assembly, resulting in a finished, uncluttered look. Baked on acrylic finish is available in standard and custom colors. Optional Stainless Steel panels available.

Positive Locking:

Inverted steel panels and locking bottom beam provide unmatched security and performance.

Space Saving Profile:

Bolt type locking device automatically engages both side frames when closed.

Energy Saving:

Double wall construction provides an excellent UValue of 0.51

Superior Seal:

ASTM E-283 leakage tests show 0.93cfm/l in.ft of perimeter and no air leakage through the curtain at 25 mph

Optional High Speed and UL Rated Fire Door Models:

Higher operating speeds are available. UL Class B Rated doors are available to 112 ft2. Larger doors are available with an UL Certificate.

Smooth, Reliable Operation:

Inverted U-shape curtain panels glide together as the door operates. Teflon® strips separate the wear surfaces and provide quiet, weather-tight operation.

Acoustic Performance - Specifications - Drawings

Acoustical Performance Data
Sound Transmission Loss Data, dB

1/3 Octave Band Center
Frequency, Hz
100 125 160 200 250 315 400 500 630 800 1K 1.25K 1.6K 2K 2.5K 3.15K 4K 5K STC
STC 51
QSL-51 36 34 40 43 44 47 47 47 50 50 53 52 52 52 54 57 60 63 51
Test Data is for a horizontal sliding door. Acoustical Laboratories cannot test vertical lift doors due to space constraints. Acoustical performance for a Vertical lift door will be the same as for the horizontal sliding door and Noise barriers will guarantee the same field NIC performance (6dB or less deviation from STC rating) as for the horizontal sliding doors. All tests performed by Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories, an independent NVLAP accredited acoustical testing facility. The test method conforms with ASTM Designations E90-02 and E413-87.

QSL-51 (STC 51, Sliding/Lifting Door)

This door is a vertical lifting door that has solid skins a minimum of 14 gauge. All galvanized construction using "paint ready" galvanneal A-60 steel with internal stiffeners as required. The acoustic fill is non-combustible, sound absorbing fiberglass or mineral wool. Prime painting or factory finish painting is available. Standard or custom glazing is available. Variety of hardware is available.

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