Don't think of Noise Barriers (NBL) as just another materials supplier. We partner with you to develop the right solution to solve your client's most demanding noise control issues and tight schedules. "Hear" is an example:

STC 50 Windows and Doors for CBS Studios

The Problem: The client is CBS, a major television station. The client was relocating their evening news studio to a new street level facility located in the downtown "Loop" area of Chicago. The client had an accelerated construction timeline.

The Project Parameters: Provide sound control windows with an STC rating of 50. Provide STC 50 double leaf doors large enough for equipment access between main corridor and studios, and yet have easy access for personnel. Provide STC 50 single leaf doors at Control Rooms and between main lobby and directly into studios. Provide 2" thick fabric wrapped sound absorption panels in the studios and control rooms.

The NBL Solution: Provide two (2) QuietSwing 8'-0" x 12'-0" high double leaf doors with a 5'-0" wide "active" leaf and a 3'-0" high "inactive" leaf. The "active" leaf included a 3'-0" wide x 7'-0" high single leaf door. This smaller personnel door is used by technicians and on-air talent for daily entrance and egress from the studios. Provide additional STC 50 personnel door. Provide QuietLite ™ factory glazed windows. Provide QuietPanel fabric wrapped panels. Provide single source responsibility for Design-Supply-Installation with a Performance Guarantee.

The Results: The General Contractor (Pepper Construction) was able to place one order to a single source for sound control doors, sound control windows and sound absorption panels. Sound control doors, windows and fabric wrapped absorption panels were installed on-time and on-budget. In accordance with the specifications, site measurements were taken and proved that the acoustical performance of the doors and windows met the specification requirements. A very satisfied customer!

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