Don't think of Noise Barriers (NBL) as just another materials supplier. We partner with you to develop the right solution to solve your client's most demanding noise control issues and tight schedules. "Hear" is an example:

QuietMod™ Enclosure and QuietLine™ Barrier System **WORK IN PROGRESS**

The Problem: The client was EA Sports, a leading video game programmer. The client was moving into a refurbished 6 story office building in downtown Chicago. They needed to build a Foley Studio, Control Room and multiple edit suites.

The Project Parameters: The contractor and client had a limited budget for the studios and edit suites, they had a fixed "build out" allowance negotiated into the lease contract. The studio phase of contract was over budget...

The NBL Solution: With the involvement of Rick Seitz with Acoustical Systems, Inc. a two phase solution was developed. Provide a QuietMod enclosure system for the Gensets that was convection vented (forced ventilation system not allowed), allow for the possible removal of a Generator and achieve the required 25-30 dB reduction in the 63-500 Hz Octave Bands to meet the noise criteria. Secondly, provide a QuietLine barrier system and discharge "hood" system for the cooling towers that would have negligible pressure drop and also achieve the required 15-20 dB reduction in the full range of Octave Bands to meet the noise criteria. Starting October 15th, NBL had to designed, manufacture, ship 9 containers to St. Maarten, and installed everything with 3 months.

The Results: The General Contractor (ICG) was able to place one order to a single source (Noise Barriers) for modular sound controlled studios, sound control doors & windows, fabric wrapped absorption & silenced ventilation systems, on time and within the construction allowance. A very satisfied customer.

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