Construction of Modular Panel Systems

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Music Practice Rooms

The noise barrier modular system:

  • Custom designed to meet your requirements.
  • Faster and more dependable performance than standard construction.
  • Designed to provide excellent in to out NIC and out to in NIC performance.
  • NIC values up to 70.
  • Exceptional interior room acoustics.
  • Unlimited size and shape
  • Easy and quick to install, move, or reconfigure
  • Standard components-custom solutions
  • Internal electrical system
  • Silenced HVAC system
  • No construction mess
  • Tax benefits

Noise Barriers' technical support personnel and representatives have the experience necessary to assist you in the design, supply, and installation of your noise control solution.

Submittal packages include drawings and easy to follow, step-by-step instructions to allow your personnel to install any modular system. We can also offer professional installation service or supervision of your crew.

Modular Solutions to Noise Problems

  • Music Practice Rooms
  • Recording Studios
  • Broadcasting Facilities
  • Educational Study Centers
  • Voice Isolation Booths
  • Edit Suites
Product Features
  • Standard and Optional Features can include:
  • Unlimited size, design and features
  • Interior/Exterior Finish: Durable Powder Coat Finish with choice of five standard colors, White – Cream – Ivory – Tan – Grey, or customer choice of over 188 special colors.
  • Floor: QuietFloor vibration isolated floor system (can be eliminated upon request) with carpet or tile options. Optional vibration isolated low profile rubber mat floor system.
  • Panel Construction: QuietMod 4” thick wall and ceiling panels with perforated interior walls. Class 1 per ASTM E84.
  • Door: 36” x 84” QuietSwing STC48 Cam-Lift Acoustical Door. Pull handle and low-profile door threshold included. Custom sizes and hardware are available upon request.
  • Electrical: Modular “Plug-and-Play” UL listed recessed 120v electrical service, 2 duplex outlets, 2 variable switches (lighting and ventilation), and 10’ grounded power connection. Multiple receptacles and longer lengths available upon request. No site wiring required.
  • Lighting: No heat, no noise LED lighting with dimmer switch. Light has very low power consumption, and a very long life.
  • Ventilation: QuietAir silenced ventilation (note: minimal ventilation is required with LED-no-heat light), adjustable air control.
  • Fabric Wrapped Acoustical Wall Treatment Optional.
  • Ventilation and/or Electrical can be modified to tie into host building utilities.
  • Optional – Modules may have empty conduit and backboxes, speaker enclosures, and microphone mounts to allow for upgrade of room to electronically-enhanced room without disassembly.
  • Optional 5 year warranty available.