Noise Barriers Announces Launch of the QuietSwing® QuietFold Bi-Parting Door Series

Lake Forest, IL – April 14, 2022 Noise Barriers, a leading manufacturer of noise control products serving the industrial and architectural markets, is proud to announce the launch of the QuietSwing® QuietFold Bi-Parting Door Series. Doors in the line offer enhanced security with a locking system spread over multiple points on a sliding track.

The QuietSwing® QuietFold Doors

QuietSwing® QuietFold Doors are available with four or six-hinge leaves and allow for openings ranging between 12 and 40 feet. This flexibility, combined with their modern appearance and acoustical performance, makes them optimal for concert halls, production spaces, churches, schools, and in applications where noise reduction is required, flexible operation is desired, and space restrictions exist.

“The design of our new bi-parting doors is based on our highly effective double seal QuietSwing doors,” explained Noise Barriers Director John Finnegan. “We’re excited to bring this new series to market and expect that it, too, will be highly sought after.”

The systems are available in STC 50, 52, and 54 and arrive with acoustic seals, all hardware and glazing, if required. The result is a fully assembled door that leaves the factory truly ready to install.


Please join Sal Marquez, Mid-East Regional Sales Manager at Noise Barriers, as he highlights the key features and benefits of our new QuietSwing QuietFold Bi-Parting Door Series!
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About Noise Barriers
Noise Barriers is a leading manufacturer of high performing metal noise control products serving the industrial and architectural markets. Products include architectural doors, industrial doors, windows, barrier systems, absorption panels, complete enclosure systems, audiometric exam rooms, music practice rooms, and specialty products. Learn more by visiting 

About Catalyst Acoustics Group
Catalyst Acoustics Group is the parent company of an elite group of acoustic, seismic, vibration and noise control companies that together, offer the broadest portfolio of noise control solutions in the market today. The independent brands, channels to market, products and services offered by each business remain unique, while leveraging the scale, deep functional expertise, broad channel reach and significant financial resources. Learn more at 

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