QuietTest™ Chassis Dyno Test Cells

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We offer submittal packages for builders as well as professional installation.

When acoustic performance is a requirement, QuietTest enclosures are the answer.

Noise Barriers Test Rooms provide properly silenced ventilation, evacuate heat, CO, and hydrocarbons. This ensures correct and stable airflow, a safe working environment, and sound reduction beyond conventional construction. Our Test Cells include all materials necessary for your personnel to assemble a room within 2-4 days. Complete drawings and assembly.


  • Facilitates more accurate testing
  • Produces a uniform test environment that duplicates like condition
  • Creates a safer environment for test technicians
  • Custom solutions for large vehicles
  • Indoor or Outdoor models
  • Easier to build than conventional construction
  • Spangled galvanized construction.
  • Predictable and guaranteed noise reduction
  • Designed to meet the requirements of your facility

Additional Benefits

  • Single source responsibility for design, supply and installation
  • Easy to assemble, relocate or reconfigure
  • Lease options available
  • Standard and custom layouts...let our design team help you select the best configuration for your application
  • Subject to accelerated depreciation as equipment*
  • Purchase may apply to the expanded section 179 tax code*
  • Installation service available


Chassis Cells

The Soundmaster Dyno Test Cell is a pre-engineered modular system specifically designed for building a sound controlled, high performance motorcycle, engine or vehicle test cell specifically designed to work with Dynamometers and provide in excess of 40 dBA sound reduction, with guaranteed performance.

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Imlay City High School in Imlay City Michigan needed a high STC rated sliding door to separate the scene shop from the stage.