US Air Force Base - QuietGuard SCIF Doors

The Problem Solvers

Sound control doors for a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility project at a US Air Force Base. The name of the facility is classified and cannot be shared. The project required sound control doors that met ICD/ICS 705, Version 1.4 calling for Sound Group 3 and Sound Group 4 rating.

The Project Parameters:

Noise Barriers received an SOW (Statement of Work) solicitation for “Sound Proof Doors with Installation, Sound Testing and Training”. We received the solicitation from the Contracting Officer at the Air Force base. This was a Small Business Set-Aside and the successful bidder must be registered with the System for Award management (SAM) Federal database.

Noise Barriers’ Scope of Work:

The SOW included quantity twenty-eight (28) 3’-0” wide x 7’-0” high single leaf doors, quantity two (2) 4’-0” wide x 7’-0” high single leaf doors, quantity one (1) 1’-1”wide x 3’-0” high single leaf door and quantity five (5) 6’-0” wide x 7’-0” high double leaf doors. We supplied our QuietSwing/QuietGuard STC 50, 2-1/2” thick doors and frame assemblies.

The SOW further required Noise Isolation Class (NIC) field testing and certification that the doors met or exceed the requirements for Sound Group 3 (STC45) and Sound Group 4 (STC50). “DOOR, DOOR FRAMES AND LOCK PACKAGE SHALL BE 100% ICD 705 CERTIFIED.”

All of the door assemblies required electrified storeroom lock-sets with outside trim lock with Panic Bar + Badge reader with pin pad + KABA CDX10 with strike type 2-FF-L-2890B pedestrian deadbolt. Several doors subsequently added magnetic locks. Door closers were also required on all doors.

The doors required one-hour fire rating, they required a two-piece “split frame" design so they could be installed into partition walls that had already been constructed, they needed to be prepped for access control systems or badge readers supplied by others,

Also included in the SOW was all shipping costs, handling, complete installation and training of base personnel after completion of installation.

Photo Note:

The secure nature of this project did not allow for field photographs. The single leaf door in the photos is one of the doors hanging at our shop for final fit-up. The double leaf door is included to demonstrate our capability in providing doors with wood veneer for secure projects.

The Results:

Noise Barriers installation crew met with the Base personnel to ensure all of the partition openings met the requirements to receive the control doors before the doors were fabricated. All of the doors were pre-hung in our factory with hardware installed prior to shipping to the site. This ensured the doors, frames and hardware met the exacting requirements for fit, finish and operation when they arrived on-site. The doors were delivered and installed on schedule and all doors were field tested and all doors met the NIC requirements for Sound Group 3 and Sound Group 4.

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