QuietMod™ Engine Generator Enclosures - GFX Data Center

The Problem Solvers QuietMod™ Engine Generator Acoustical Enclosures

The Problem:

GFX Data Center for the Chicago Board of Trade in Winfield, Illinois needed a solution for preventing noise from their standby engine generators that were disturbing neighbors and a nearby High School.

The Project Parameters:

  • Our scope of work on each enclosure included:
    • Design including drawings for Architectural Review and Permit stamped by a PE registered in Illinois
    • Enclosures including structural steel framework, acoustical floors, wall and ceiling panels, six (6) 8’ x 8’ double leaf STC 51 QuietSwing doors, and quantity four (4) 3’ x 7’ single leaf STC 51 QuietSwing doors with hardware.
    • Intake and exhaust acoustical plenum/silencers consisting of 4” thick QuietMod H/H-50 acoustical panel floors, walls and ceiling and 15” baffle absorption panels with automated shutters.
  • One enclosure measures 132’ long x 30’ wide x 15’ high and houses nine (9) Cummins Engine Generator
  • The other enclosure measures 120’ long x 30’ wide x 15’ high and houses eight (8) Cummins Engine Generators.

The Noise Barriers Solution:

The General Contractor had purchased a similar enclosure from another vendor and was not happy with the quality and cost to install it so was looking for another vendor. Noise Barriers reps Todd and Steve Mitchell of Noise Barriers visited with the GC to review the requirements and developed a better design for the enclosures.

The Results:

This project was a success because we employed a deep team approach with members from multiple areas of expertise all of whom understood the final goal and worked together to achieve it.

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