QuietMod™ Chiller Enclosure - Carmel, IN

The Problem Solvers QuietMod™ Chiller Enclosure Solution Case Study

The Problem:

Carmel is a medium sized city located just north of Indianapolis, IN. There is an outdoor ice rink that is operated from early November through the spring. The ice for the rink is artificially made by a 76' x 8' Trane Chiller located on a 20' high mezzanine in a courtyard surrounded on three sides by tall buildings. In the summertime the chiller provides cooling for the buildings in the central hub. The location of the chiller proved to be a problem acoustically. The surrounding buildings amplified the noise level to a point that fell outside the city ordinance of 50 dBA.

The Project Parameters:

  • Started by gathering all the relevant information including a sound study commissioned by the city and technical data on the chiller.
  • Analyzed structural capability of mezzanine and advised the city on required modifications.
  • Provided a proposal for a custom designed QuietMod acoustical enclosure to fit around the chiller without affecting critical airflow.
  • Designed, supplied and installed the structural steel frame, the QuietMod acoustical enclosure, access doors and acoustical silencers for intake and exhaust air exceeding 300,000 cfm.

The Noise Barriers Solution:

Noise Barriers provided a turnkey solution ― design, supply and installation of this chiller enclosure and achieved the goal of the city. There have been no more noise complaints. When earlier attempts by the city to solve the problem failed, they reached out to our rep Dan Heston at eNoise Control of Westfield, IN. Dan gathered all the relevant information including a sound study commissioned by the city and technical data on the chiller. Early on it was determined that we had a complex problem on our hands that required Noise Barriers' team approach to problem solving.

The Results:

This project was a success because we employed a deep team approach with members from multiple areas of expertise all of whom understood the final goal and worked together to achieve it..

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