Power Sliding Doors at Los Angeles International Airport

QuietSlide Power Sliding Doors
QuietSlide Power Sliding Doors arriving on site

The Problem

A newly constructed gun range for the Los Angeles International Airport’s police force runs perpendicular to a residential community, separated only from the homes in the neighborhood by a wrought iron fence. As members of the squad deploy firearms and other machinery during testing and practice drills at any time of the day or night, a solution to mitigate sound was required. In addition, as some of the equipment moving in and out of the range is quite large, an oversized, automatic acoustic door capable of withstanding wind load was required.

Power Sliding Door Installation
Power Sliding Door Installation

The Project Parameters:

To minimize disruptions to the residents, a sliding door that could block gun shots and other loud sounds from escaping the building was necessary.

The Noise Barriers Solution:

The team determined using Noise Barriers’ well-established QuietSlide technology was the best solution. Partnering with Veneklasen and Associates on the acoustics, they installed two QuietSlide power sliding STC 51 doors in tandem to guarantee the performance of the project. Both doors were Noise Barrier’s specialty QuietSlide noise control doors, but one door also addressed the requirements of exterior weather tightness.

QuietSlide Power Sliding STC 51 Door
QuietSlide Power Sliding STC 51 Door

The Results:

After an NIC test was performed by a local consultant (MD Acoustics), it was found that 103 dbA source through the two doors is completely inaudible from the outside. All noise levels generated inside the building were substantially below ambient.

The Bottom Line:

From the MD Acoustics consultant: “A test was conducted with both doors closed. The noise source, 103 dbA, was inside the gun range and measurements tried to be made on the outside. Two observations were made: first, none of the individuals outside observing the test were able to hear that the inside testing was being conducted; and second, the noise from passing vehicles and airplanes made it impossible to measure the noise through both doors from the sound source in the gun range.”

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Partnering with Veneklasen and Associates on the acoustics, Noise Barriers installed two QuietSlide power sliding STC 51 doors in tandem to guarantee the performance of the project. 

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