Mini Booth - Portable Audiometric Exam Rooms

The QuietTest Mini Booth is designed to allow flexibility in any setting. It can be quickly changed to attain a right or left hand arrangement. The transformation can be accomplished without any disassembly of components, without any tools, by any member of your staff.

The QuietTest Mini Booth is appropriate for Hearing Health Professionals, Industrial Monitoring, Mobile Test Vans, Public Schools, and Speech Audiometry.

Mini-Booth Drawing
Mini-Booth Models and Dimensions


Preassembled, finish painted, shipped ready to use.


QuietFloor industrial carpet. Optional vibration isolated low profile rubber mat floor system.

Insulated Panel Construction

QuietMod 2½" wall and ceiling panels with perforated interior walls, solid exterior walls.


QT-MB-4136 @ 41" x 66" or QT-MB-2940 @ 29" x 66". QuietSwing panel doors with heavy-duty interior mounted butt hinges, a pull handle and magnetic door seals.


One (1) laminated safety glass, double glazed 24" x 30" window in aluminum frame.

Electrical Options

Lighting fixture with switch mount (inside room) operates fan and light. A 10 ft. long drop cord is provided for power connection. No site wiring required. Each pre-wired, flush mounted jack panel has six (6) ¼" stereo jacks, and one (1) 2" diameter plug hole with cover.


QuietAir silenced ventilation ceiling panel (note: minimal ventilation is required with LED-no-heat light), adjustable air control.

Interior/Exterior Finish

Durable Powder Coat Finish with choice of twelve standard colors and carpeting to compliment color selection. Color chart available upon request. Custom choice of over 188 special order colors and special finishes, (may affect lead time and cost).


Laboratory Sound Transmission Loss and Noise Reduction Coefficient ratings are as follows:

Product Features
  • Fully preassembled and ready to plug into host room outlet.
  • Four (4) swivel, lockable casters for easy movement through doorways and around corners.
  • Jack panel with six (6) ¼" stereo connectors.
  • Dimmable light fixture.
  • Silenced vent system with rheostat to control airflow.
  • 16" x 25" Hinged shelf.
  • Passes through any normal 30” wide door.