Double Wall Audiometric Exam Rooms

The QuietTest Double Wall Audiometric Exam Room construction is a single or multiple occupancy room constructed of QuietMod four inch thick wall and ceiling panels, QuietFloor carpeted vibration isolated floor, QuietAir silenced roof mounted ventilation, recessed electrical, no heat-no noise LED lighting, QuietSwing Cam-Lift Acoustical Door, double glazed QuietLite window, and acoustically matched audiometric jack panels. Shipped prepared for field assembly.

The QuietTest Advantage

  • Custom designed to meet your requirements
  • Designed to provide excellent in-to-out/out-to-in noise reduction
  • Exceptional interior room acoustics
  • Unlimited size and shape
  • Can be disassembled & relocated
  • Adjustable LED lighting gives off no heat, the room remains cooler than with incandescent lighting
  • Adjustable air flow, low profile, roof mounted silenced ventilation system
  • Significant tax advantages
  • No construction mess
Double Wall Examination Room Drawing
Double Wall Examination Room
Double Wall Examination Room Models and Dimensions


Preassembled, partially assembled or shipped modular for on-site installation


Cellular steel insulated or open bottom (Either design can be fork-liftable or equipped with lifting lugs)


QuietFloor 4" vibration isolated with 1½" vibration isolation rails (floor system can be reduced thickness or eliminated upon request). We help determine if a floor is needed depending on booth location. Optional vibration isolated low profile rubber mat floor system.

Insulated Panel Construction

QuietMod wall and ceiling panels with perforated interior walls, solid exterior walls.


33" x 73½" QuietSwing Cam-Lift Acoustical Door, Shown with (Optional 20" x 55" double glazed window with black frame), a pull handle and magnetic door seals. Custom sizes and hardware are available upon request.


Laminated safety glass, double glazed 30" x 34" window with black frame. Other sizes available. Dust seal to be provided within air space around windows on double wall rooms.

Electrical Options

Recessed lighting, convenience outlets, distribution panel and concealed electric conduit options. Pre-wired jack panel consisting of twelve (12) ¼" stereo phone jacks, one (1) Ethernet connection, four (4) USB connections, and one (1) 2" pass through with cover. 

Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems

Self-Contained QuietAir™ Ventilation Systems, Direct Coupled Ventilation Systems, or Pressure Drop in Direct Coupled HVAC Systems, dependent on your requirements. Please see our specification for further information.

Interior/Exterior Finish

Durable Powder Coat Finish with choice of twelve standard colors and carpeting to compliment color selection. Color chart available upon request. Custom choice of over 188 special order colors and special finishes, (may affect lead time and cost).


Laboratory Sound Transmission Loss and Noise Reduction Coefficient ratings are as follows:

Product Features
  • Custom Layouts and Features w/ Standard Components
  • Vibration isolated floor is optional ... why pay for it if you don't need it?
  • Powder coated interior and exterior in your choice of 12 standard, and over 188 custom colors.
  • Electrical including recessed LED lights, convenience outlets, distribution panel and concealed "plug-n-play" electric system.
  • Custom option of Interior Fabric Wrapped panel finish in your choice of 48 colors.
  • Pre-wired jack panel consisting of twelve (12) ¼” stereo phone jacks, one (1) Ethernet connection, four (4) USB connections, and one (1) 2" pass through with cover. 
  • Acoustically secure cable pass-through with a finished appearance.